[August 2019 ANNOUNCEMENT] Collaboration with Mindful Leader

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

(I invite you to see my update of August 12, 2020)

Together with Mindful Leader, I am announcing a wonderful collaboration. Under the Mindful Leader brand, this is the first offering of the Mindful Leader Facilitator Training and Certification program!

I'm filled with tremendous gratitude to partner with Mindful Leader. Together, we can reach more people who want to be trained and certified as Mindfulness Facilitators in the workplace and community.

What does this mean if you want to become a mindfulness facilitator?

Starting with The Calm Monkey's core program, and adding expertise and resources from Mindful Leader, we have co-created the Mindful Leader offering. This does not change The Calm Monkey's program.

So, what this means is that people wanting to get trained and certified now have a choice. I am the instructor in both programs.

Please feel free to explore The Calm Monkey's training and Mindful Leader's training.

Here is the announcement from Mindful Leader:

If you are an experienced mindfulness and/or meditation practitioner wanting to start and grow a workplace mindfulness practice, I invite you to explore if either of these programs are right for you.


~Wendy Quan, Founder, The Calm Monkey