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An honest dialogue - mindfulness, change and life purpose.

Calm, clear & connected. With all the modern chaos in our lives, how can we feel a connection with life?

“One Idea Away” podcasts go deep. Luke Irio is the president of iPEC, which provides conscious transformation coaching training.

I enjoyed our open and honest discussion about the reality and struggles of mindfulness, change and life purpose.

If you prefer, the audio podcast is here.

Here are the key subjects and how to quickly jump to these topics within the video:

  • Creating a better experience of life and the honest answer about a mindfulness practice . . . [7:54 – 9:29]

  • Life fulfillment and life purpose. Congruence between inner and outer self. How do you do that?. . . [9:30 – 15:40]

  • Meditation – getting familiar with yourself. Not missing the human experience . . . [15:41 – 18:06]

  • Mindfulness through difficult change. Description of a SIMPLE evidence-based approach that helps people through a difficult change journey. . . [18:07 - 26:10]

  • Major career change from corporate to entrepreneurship. Preparing for such an uncertain transition, an adventure! . . . [26:11 - 32:22]

  • The energy of juggling ‘helping others’ and ‘self-care’. Techniques . . . [32:23]


~Wendy Quan, founder of The Calm Monkey.


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