About Wendy Quan


Wendy Quan, founder of The Calm Monkey, is the industry leader helping organizations implement self-sustaining mindfulness meditation programs and integrating change management techniques to help people through difficult change.


Flagship services:

1) Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training & Certification

2) Dealing with Change TOOLKIT

Her clients are organizations and individuals worldwide.

The pioneer and leader in training & certifying mindfulness meditation facilitators, and combining change management and mindfulness to help people through change.

A snapshot of Wendy Quan:

  • A certified organizational change manager since 2007, with a long career in corporate roles in change management, human resources, organizational development and information technology.

  • Since 2011, she has been helping organizations implement successful mindfulness practices in their workplaces.

  • Published paper 'Meditation - a Powerful Change Management Tool' with the global Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP)

  • Innovative 'Dealing with Change mindfulness meditation research study'

  • Conference and keynote speaker.

  • Founded the Vancouver Change Management Practitioner’s community of practice, the predecessor group of the ACMP Vancouver chapter.

  • Wendy's Facilitator Training course was taught at The Greater Good Science Center of UC Berkeley in 2015, as part of the 'Mindfulness & Well-Being at Work' conference.

  • Partnered with the British Columbia's 'Chartered Professionals in Human Resources' - who provides Wendy's training to their membership.

  • Writes articles for:


Helping people create a better experience of life and helping organizations realize the benefits of this important life practice is Wendy's passion.

Combining change management (helping people through change) with meditation and mindfulness has resulted in remarkable personal resilience and stress reduction for participants, which in turn, helps increase organizational resiliency.

Helping people create a better experience of life.
~Wendy Quan

Wendy's personal story:

Wendy believes her personal history mirrors many people's lives today.  Living a typical western life of being very busy with a career and family, not too self-aware of how very stressed she was, she had little regard for her state of being.  In 2010, Wendy was diagnosed with cancer, and the life she knew came to a halt.  She decided to apply her knowledge of change management to herself -- 'how was she going to react given a situation she had no control over?' 


She decided to make sizable changes to her lifestyle, including making meditation and mindfulness a serious part of her everyday life.  This practice gave her the strength to change her perspective and deal with this life changing event. 

In 2011, by request from co-workers, Wendy started teaching meditation and mindfulness to a small group at work, based on her years of personal practice, attending numerous workshops, and researching the subject of meditation. Now, she is grateful to have had the opportunity to have taught over 1,000 people and the encouragement to expand this further.

Join Wendy in helping people create a better experience of life,

personally and at work.

Consider becoming a mindfulness meditation facilitator.



Please send Wendy a private email at Wendy@TheCalmMonkey.com.

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Helping people create a better experience of life

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