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If you are looking for a thought leader to speak on workplace mindfulness or dealing with change mindfully, ask Wendy Quan.  

3 popular talks by Wendy Quan:

Always tailored to your audience and/or combined to suit your unique needs.

Delivered expertly and virtually, to make your coordination job easier.

The most common feedback is "Wendy is so talented in making this accessible to everyone!"

Wendy Quan speaking on workplace mindfulness meditation

'Mindfulness for our challenging times' 

(Option of 1 or series of classes)

Description:   This gets the audience interested (“Why should I care?”) and leaves them with very practical techniques they can start to use immediately, especially during this pandemic.


Audience:  Everyone.

Duration:   60-90 minutes. 

Outcome:  Sparks people to use these techniques to create a better experience of life for themselves.   You may use this session to discover the interest level for starting an ongoing practice at work.


  • What is meditation & mindfulness?  What is it not?

  • The proven benefits

  • Real life stories that show why this creates a better experience of life

  • Experiential guided meditation session

  • Experiential practical mindfulness techniques to at work or at home

Includes a great handout with techniques taught and more resources.


Multi-class option:

Many organizations desire to sustain these benefits by either having more sessions and/or by training some employees to be facilitators.

The above describes a typical 1 session agenda.  

A multi-class series is also available, providing more knowledge and experiential practices to your audience.  This is excellent for engagement and more sustained benefits.

Wendy Quan speaking on workplace mindfulness meditation

'How to bring Mindfulness into your workplace with no ongoing operating costs'

Description:    Covers the key tactics that lead to a successful mindfulness workplace implementation. Learn how to approach this in a way that produces high engagement, grassroots growth and real business benefits. 


Audience: Anyone interested in helping co-workers reduce stress, build resiliency and improving life at work can be the catalyst for starting a workplace mindfulness practice.

Duration:     60-90 minutes. 

Outcomes:   Know the approach to starting a self-sustaining mindfulness practice at work that carries no ongoing operating costs. Build eagerness in staff participation and engaging volunteer facilitators. Link this practice to business outcomes. Understand why add change management techniques boosts employee and organizational resiliency.


  • Is your organization ready for this?

  • Compelling data

  • An implementation approach that works

  • Mistakes to avoid

  • Implementation roadmap

  • Experiential meditation - 'Dealing with Change'

A leading-edge topic that draws great interest at conferences. This drew an oversubscribed webinar audience for the HR association in Canada (CPHR).

Wendy Quan speaking on workplace mindfulness meditation

'Using Mindfulness for Innovative Change Management'

Description:    (Alternate title is "Dealing with Change, Mindfully").  Learn this fantastic evidence-based technique of combining change management with mindfulness meditation - it helps people and organizations through difficult change. 

Hear and experience Wendy's innovative approach, and see her impressive study results.

Go beyond the basics of 'regular' workplace meditation.  This works.

Audience:   Anyone interested in improving the change journey for individuals and the business. No meditation experience is needed.

Duration:     60-75 minutes. 

Outcomes:    Understand why using mindfulness meditation as a change management tool increases personal and organizational resiliency.  See data from The Calm Monkey's Dealing with Change meditation study.


  • Learn about the Individual Change Journey

  • What does it mean to combine change management and meditation?

  • See outstanding results of this technique for individuals and workplaces

  • Experiential meditation - 'Dealing with Change'

A leading-edge topic that draws great interest, the global Association of Change Management Professionals has run this topic many times to show its evolution since 2015. Sessions are often over-subscribed.

We can discuss offering your audience a VIP price for The Calm Monkey's "Dealing with Change TOOLKIT", so your audience have an ongoing resource to build their change resiliency.

To check pricing and availability, please contact Wendy@TheCalmMonkey.com.  

Please describe which talk(s) you are interested in, the nature of the engagement, the type of audience, estimated number of attendees and location.

Watch Wendy Quan speak:

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"3 Tips for Mindfulness Facilitators at work"


Talk given at the UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center's 'Mindfulness & Well-Being at Work' conference, Nov 2015.

"Meditation - a Powerful Change Management Tool"


View a video of Wendy Quan's presentation at the 2015 global Association of Change Management Professionals conference in Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas.  She was rated the top speaker, and also spoke at the 2016 conference in Dallas, Texas in May 2016.


What clients say:

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"Wendy Quan is a master at explaining the benefits of mindfulness and sharing practical techniques in a way that is very accessible and non-threatening to reach many different audiences.  She offers helpful tips and dispels common myths that increase engagement and ultimately help people – even those who were initially skeptical – better manage stress and live healthier lives.


And her communication, responsiveness, and professionalism makes her wonderful to work with!"

Gabrielle Fisher, Employee Wellness Program Manager

From attendees of a multi-class series:

  • "Wendy was fantastic! I found her relatable, funny, soothing and a great leader.  Her engagement with the class was great.  I've never taken a class where the instructor followed up with me via email for a comment I made in the chat. Very impressive.  I would take any class Wendy is a part of!"

  • "I went from having 20 pretty major panic attacks a day to just a few. I will continue the homework from this class to try and eliminate this completely."

  • "Finding a great instructor like Wendy really makes it a legitimate class."

From superintendents:

  • "Loved the practical activities. "

  • "Would love to see this presentation either shared or provided to other workgroups. "

  • "Really liked this session and will try it with my teams."

  • "Once again, WOW!! These are excellent tools that I will work to implement and share with my team. I really liked the exercises and how she showed us how we can easily include these in our day to day and our meetings."

Just a few of Wendy Quan's speaking engagements:

  • University of California, Berkeley / Greater Good Science Center. Mindfulness & Well-Being at work conference.  California.

  • Mindful Leader in-person Washington DC conference & multiple online summits in 2019 and 2020.

  • Mindful Summits in-person conference 2018.

  • Association of Change Management Professionals conferences & webinars, 2015, 2016 & 2017.  Las Vegas, Dallas, New Orleans, Vancouver.

  • The World Happiness Summit, Miami.

  • Being & Doing online summit.

  • Change & Innovation online summit.

  • Project World / Business Analyst World, Vancouver.

  • Conference Board of Canada.

  • TEDx EastVan.

  • U.S. National Park Service, multiple audiences.

  • Pershing (BNY Mellon) INSITE2016 financial management conference. Orlando.

  • Human Resources Management Association conference. Vancouver.

  • Chartered Professionals in Human Resources, British Columbia & Yukon, conferences and webinars.

  • Energy Medicine, Body Wisdom online summit.

  • CBC Radio.

  • BC HEAP (Hospital Employees & Administrative Professionals Conference), Victoria, B.C.

  • Vancouver Coastal Health's Robert H. N. Ho Conference for nurses and allied professionals.

  • University of British Columbia. Vancouver.

  • The Change Management Review.

  • Skretting North America (world leader in aquaculture feeds)

  • Woolworth's, South Africa.

  • Immigration & Refugee Board of Canada.

  • E-comm 9-1-1 (emergency call dispatch for British Columbia).

  • Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver.

  • Justice Institute of British Columbia.

  • Administrative Professionals Conference.

  • Engineering HR Association.

  • Canadian Health and Life Institute conference.

  • Rotary Club of Vancouver.

  • City of Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Tourism Vancouver.

  • Change Management chapter of Vancouver.

  • Fraser Health, Vancouver.

  • City of Surrey, British Columbia.

  • ... and multiple podcasts.