Mindfulness Meditation in the Workplace

Whether you are wanting to start mindfulness to your workplace, or have already run a course or a small informal practice . . .

Here is a practical way to quickly start or grow a self-sustaining program that staff will respect. Train and equip your own employees for long-lasting benefits.  


No need to spend money on outside contractors or get meditation teacher training. 

No on-going operating costs. All online.

The Calm Monkey is the first in the world to provide:

  • Online Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training and Certification, and 

  • Thought leadership in combining change management with mindfulness to create change resiliency. See study results from of my 'Dealing with Change meditation study'.

Train and certify your employees to become mindfulness facilitators with The Calm Monkey's Facilitator Training course with Toolkit (online course)

Receive Wendy Quan's mentorship/consulting to help you as you implement. 

Contact Wendy Quan to see what makes sense for your organization.

Individual prices are below.

Let's talk about group pricing and including mentorship/consulting if you have a group to train.

100% of Google employees who took this training
recommend this to others

How it works for you

Bundle the

Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training course & Certification Program

save 27%


The Calm Monkey expertly trains your employees who already have mindfulness and/or meditation experience so they can design, promote, start-up, coordinate, facilitate and evaluate the benefits of a great program for their co-workers.  Your employees-trained-as-facilitators do not need to take in-depth, expensive meditation teacher training, but they do need to be equipped with the skills and tools to be good at it. Everything they need is provided in this training from The Calm Monkey.

​When your own employees are trained as facilitators to run your internal program, it creates a grassroots momentum that engages both the facilitators and the attendees.  In this training, they are taught best practices on how to build trust, create a respected program, be trauma-aware, avoid mistakes, and are given everything they need to be immediately equipped.  You want to avoid employees facilitating without training and proper structure. 

Already have an ongoing mindfulness program at work, or conducted a great mindfulness course but now you wonder where to go from here? 

Use the online Facilitator Training course to support your facilitators with this practical and quick training,  or train new facilitators to expand capacity.

Featured Resources:

  1. Award-winning white paper from the 2015 global Association of Change Management Professional's conference called 'Meditation - a Powerful Change Management Tool', showing how an organization can grow and benefit from a workplace mindfulness program.

  2. 'Dealing with Change Research Study' results, showing how combining change management with mindfulness helps people through difficult change.

Workplace Mindfulness Implementation Coaching

with Wendy Quan

You can tap into Wendy's extensive expertise to discuss your unique situation, get practical suggestions and guidance, and what works well and what doesn't.  

Wendy has trained over 350 facilitators and worked with a variety of sizes and types of organizations (from major organizations such as Google and the University of British Columbia to a 50 person small business).  Wendy is an open book, ready to answer your questions and make suggestions!

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