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Mindfulness Meditation in the Workplace

Run mindfulness workshops,
train & certify employees as skilled mindfulness facilitators,
or offer a video course.


Wendy Quan - mindfulness speaker

Mindfulness Workshops

Whether your audience are beginners or advanced mindfulness practitioners, bringing in an expert who knows how to make sessions engaging, experiential and comfortably participatory is a great way to increase their well-being and resiliency.

Facilitator group

Train your own facilitators

It's easy for most organizations to identify experienced, eager meditators who would love to be trained & certified in mindfulness facilitation. 

Proper training is essential to ensure they know how to lead trusted, secular, safe and workplace-friendly practices for employee well-being.

Mindfulness course


Wendy is the expert in 'Mindfulness For the Workplace' -  a 12 lesson video course to help people create a better experience for themselves while at work​ using mindfulness.

By The Great Courses and Wondrium, and also appearing on


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More about having your own staff trained as mindfulness facilitators

Whether you want to start or grow mindfulness in your workplace, or want to ensure your mindfulness activities are done in a credible, evidence-based, secular and best practices manner . . .

The Calm Monkey's Facilitator Training program (online course, toolkit and community) 

is a practical way to quickly start or grow a self-sustaining program that staff will respect.


Train and equip your own employees for long-lasting benefits.  

Receive Wendy Quan's mentorship/coaching to help you implement correctly and avoid mistakes.


No need to spend money on outside contractors, especially when your budget is tight.


Contact Wendy Quan for a no-obligation discovery conversation.

The Calm Monkey is the pioneer in:

  • Online Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training and Certification,

  • Workplace mindfulness implementation mentorship, and 

  • Thought leadership in combining change management with mindfulness to create change resiliency. See study results from the 'Dealing with Change meditation study'.

Since 2014, The Calm Monkey has been expertly training employees who already have mindfulness and meditation experience so they can gain support, design, promote, start-up, coordinate, facilitate and evaluate the benefits of a great program for their co-workers.  Your employees-trained-as-facilitators do not need to take in-depth, expensive meditation teacher training, but they do need to be equipped with the skills and tools to be good at it and avoid mistakes and risks to employees. Everything they need is provided in this training from The Calm Monkey.

This program teaches experienced meditators to:

1)  Implement workplace mindfulness - start-up and grow an ongoing mindfulness practice.

2)  Skillfully facilitate mindfulness meditation sessions - with today's best practices.

​When your own employees are trained as facilitators to run your internal program, it creates a grassroots momentum that engages both the facilitators and the attendees.  In this training, they are taught best practices on how to build trust, create a respected, secular program, be trauma & neurodiversity-aware, avoid mistakes, and are given everything they need to be immediately equipped.  This provides a strong community to support their continued growth and learning in small and large groups interactions.

This program includes ongoing 'Practice Sandbox' sessions where facilitators will practice and improve leading meditation, observe other facilitators and connect in a small, fun peer environment.


See how the percentage of people who practice mindfulness has grown.

Is you organization at risk by having untrained and uncertified facilitators

leading mindfulness?

Did you know . . .


That untrained mindfulness facilitators often lead practices that they personally enjoy but may not understand what they are doing and why?   They lead practices and talks without realizing they are not secular or workplace-friendly (this happens often).   Examples are guiding people to focus on energy centers, leading breath exercises incorrectly, connecting with spirit, using religious tools and bells, etc. 

They make non-proven claims of what benefits some practices will produce. 

The don't understand what pure mindfulness is. 

They show practices that are actually not considered mindfulness at all.

They don't understand how to minimize the risk of invoking trauma,

and/or how to offer experiences for neurodiverse minds, to be inclusive and safe.


In this program,

Facilitators learn to facilitate in a secular, evidence-based, workplace-friendly,

trauma-sensitive and neuro-diverse manner.

They learn what best practices are and how to determine what is appropriate for the audiences they serve.

Just starting out with mindfulness at work, or already have some mindfulness activities happening at work? 

Train all your facilitators for consistency.

Ensure they are kept up-to-date with current issues & risks.

Expand your capacity to spread mindfulness in your organization.

Provide Wendy Quan's mentorship as a resource to your facilitators.

Express thanks to your facilitators by providing them with this training for continuous development.

Facilitators will create an internal Community of Practice and be part of The Calm Monkey's worldwide CoP.

Your employees can complete this program at their own pace to fit their busy schedule.  Employees are usually facilitating as volunteers so joining a cohort-style program with a rigid schedule isn't tenable for most people.

If you have a group to train, it is highly recommended they can move through the program according to your pre-defined schedule.  It's up to you as to how short or long the schedule is, but they do need to complete the program within a six month timeframe, with Wendy Quan's guidance along the way.

Prices for individuals are below.
After a free discovery discussion about your needs, you will receive a proposal to train and mentor your group.

It's like two on-demand courses in one.
Train your employees to:

1) Implement workplace mindfulness. 
2) Skillfully facilitate mindfulness meditation sessions.

Mindfulness facilitator training and certification pricing
100% of Google employees who took this training
recommend this to others
Partners - Training and Certification.PNG

"82% reduced level of stress"


See what's happening at Canada's largest credit union after a graduate from The Calm Monkey started running regular mindfulness sessions at work.

Here is Kulli Yee.

(1.5 min)

Featured Resources:

  1. Award-winning white paper from the 2015 global Association of Change Management Professional's conference called 'Meditation - a Powerful Change Management Tool', showing how an organization can grow and benefit from a workplace mindfulness program.

  2. 'Dealing with Change Research Study' results, showing how combining change management with mindfulness helps people through difficult change.

Not sure where to start?
Let's start with a conversation.

Also available:

Workplace Mindfulness Implementation Coaching

with Wendy Quan

You can tap into Wendy's extensive expertise to discuss your unique situation, get practical suggestions and guidance, and what works well and what doesn't.  

Wendy has trained over 400 facilitators and worked with a variety of sizes and types of organizations (from major organizations such as Google, the U.S. National Park Service and the University of British Columbia to a 50 person small business).  Wendy is an open book, ready to answer your questions and make suggestions!

Learn more about implementation coaching

Contact Wendy Quan for a no-obligation discovery conversation.
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