Workplace Mindfulness Implementation Coaching

Expert workplace mindfulness coaching and mentorship


Whether this is called workplace mindfulness coaching, mentorship, consulting, or Pick-Wendy's-Brain, your private sessions with Wendy Quan let you zero in on exactly what you want to know.

Time with Wendy is all about YOU.

Here are the top questions Wendy receives about application and implementation.
Do these sound familiar?

How do I build a business case for starting/growing mindfulness?
Can you help me brainstorm a roll-out plan?
How do I best navigate in the organization to integrate mindfulness for change and resiliency?
How do I bring my facilitation to the next level?
I feel stale in my facilitation, the participation isn't growing, what can I do?
I'm an employee at an organization but also want to start a side business, what should I know?
What kinds of mindfulness services are needed out there as I decide what to offer?

Serving many types of mindfulness advocates . . .

Service Provider

You offer mindfulness as a side business or integrated into other complementary services

You know that mindfulness is much needed in workplaces.

Sample questions you may have:

  • What should I offer? 

  • Which services sell the best?

  • How should I price my services?

  • How do I get clients?

  • How should I market my services?

  • How do I understand what the client needs?

  • What should I negotiate into a client engagement?
  • What 'gotchas' should I be aware of?

Whether you're a coach, consultant, wellness or mental health advocate, retiree, yoga or meditation teacher, you don't want to waste time figuring out these things by yourself.   

Note: Not included are topics related to business formation.


You work within an organization

Mindfulness has made such a positive difference in your life and you passionately want to share it with others.

Sample questions you may have:

  • How do I navigate getting approval to start or grow the practice?

  • I need advice to deal with internal politics!

  • My facilitation has caught on well, so how do I bring it to the next level?

  • Participation isn't increasing, what can I do?

  • Do I need to take meditation teacher training?

  • I want to start a side business offering mindfulness to organizations or community groups. How do I do this?  How do I navigate wearing two hats?

Whether you lead mindfulness as a volunteer or as part of your job, you want access to an expert.

Leader in an organization

You are interested in mindfulness for employees

We're interested in mindfulness for our employees. 

Sample questions you may have:

  • Where do we start?

  • What are other companies doing?

  • What are the approaches to consider?

  • What does it cost?

  • What works?

  • Can we start with a modest budget?

  • What's the best use of my budget dollars?

  • What benefits are reasonable to expect?

  • What does an implementation plan include?

  • How do you combine change management with mindfulness?

  • How can mindfulness help us through our organizational changes, build change resiliency and COVID-19?

  • Can you help us do a kick-off?

Whether you are a Human Resources or wellness professional, a change leader or a mindfulness enthusiast, you want to be aware of best practices.

You can tap into Wendy’s wealth of experience that comes from:

  • In 2011, starting her facilitation journey as an employee running mindfulness on a volunteer basis at Pacific Blue Cross, then serving other organizations (both independently and through Pacific Blue Cross), then specializing in training facilitators since 2014.

  • Training over 350 mindfulness facilitators worldwide, dealing with individuals and all sizes of organizations, including Google, the government of Dubai, University of British Columbia, Genentech, Citrix, the City of Vancouver, etc.  A wonderful facilitator community brings collective wisdom.

  • Strong corporate background in Human Resources, Change Management, Organizational Development and Information Technology.  

  • Award-winning white paper in 2015 ‘Meditation – a Powerful Change Management Tool’.

  • Pioneering the study and integration of change management with mindfulness to help people through difficult change.

  • Speaking at conferences and online summits as a workplace mindfulness expert for many organizations such as the Greater Good Science Center of UC Berkeley, Mindful Leader, Mindful Summits, and the global Association of Change Management Professionals.

92% of clients 'Strongly Agree' and 8%  'Agree' that

Wendy provides good support and mentorship

Wendy's message to you:

I am an open book, ready to share my experience with you!   By the end of the session, you'll be excited about the clarity you will have for your next steps.

Pick my brain to help your journey, use me as a sounding board, ask me for feedback on your proposals and presentations, understand how to approach decision-makers, how to gain more confidence as a facilitator - whatever you need - the session will be your agenda where you steer the conversation.

Here's a two-minute video to give you a sense of me.  

How to request time with Wendy:

  1. Send an email to Wendy Quan, describing who you are and the nature of what you wish to discuss.

  2. You will receive a response within one business day, indicating the hourly rate.

  3. If we are a good fit, you'll receive a link to book and pay for your session!

Group sessions are also available.  If you have a group of facilitators to who could benefit from a skills development session, this can be tailored to serve the group.

With gratitude, here are some happy customers!

Wendy was my teacher, and one-to-one coach in her Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training & Certification program. I had been meditating for several years when I enrolled and found that I had a lot to learn through her course and consider in my meditation journey.
Wendy helped me move my goals of introducing mindfulness in my workplace from an idea to a clear approach as I prepared to meet with my decision-makers. She helped me navigate potential barriers in an organized, research-based, needs-based approach. Her course is well-organized, includes support systems, practical tips for success and managing risks. Upon completion, I felt well-prepared to continue my journey.
Wendy is very kind, knowledgeable, experienced and accessible. This was everything I was looking for. Highly recommend!

~MJ Gilmer, APRN, Clinical Director, Marathon Health at Chico's.

Wendy tailors her advice to people's needs.  She is able to provide great insight from her own experiences and her facilitator community.  I appreciated her developmental feedback, which helped me as I lead mindfulness in my job, community, and my side business.  Talking with Wendy was a highlight!

~Kenya Casey, Associate Director, Office of International Support - Health Program at The Carter Center.

Wendy has a keen ability to see things you might be missing, as well as to cut through to the heart of the matter, and does so with lot’s of heart herself!

Time spent getting some help from Wendy is time well spent indeed!

 ~A. Scott McCulloch, PhD MBA

Wendy was my teacher in the Mindful Leader Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator training program.  She is deeply knowledgeable, helpful, committed, and will always go the extra mile to help her students.  I would highly recommend her as both a teacher and coach for this important work.

~Donna Stoneham, PhD, President, Positive Impact, LLC.

The sessions equipped me to be able to move forward with ease and clarity when facilitating corporate virtual mindfulness sessions. One of the most valuable aspects was that I created the agenda for each coaching session. Thank you Wendy for your professionalism and willingness to share your expertise!

~Patricia A. Harrell, CHES®, NBC-HWC

Lisa Jacobs.jfif

My coaching with Wendy provided valuable insight and wisdom to level up my facilitation of my Mindfulness and Meditation workshops. Our conversations inspired me and provided clarity around some of the areas I was struggling with.

 ~Lisa J., Daring Leadership Facilitator

Did you know about The Calm Monkey's Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training & Certification program?

It teaches the best practices in workplace mindfulness implementation, for experienced mindfulness and meditation practitioners.