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Find a Mindfulness Facilitator

Locate a certified mindfulness facilitator
for your organization or group

What services can a facilitator offer?

What mindfulness meditation facilitators do will vary - it's more about what you are seeking.  Facilitators will tailor their offering based on your needs.  If you're not sure what you need, they have great suggestions!

Examples include:

  • Speaking engagements - doing a single session (ie:  a lunch & learn) or series of sessions to introduce mindfulness to your group

  • Facilitating a regular, ongoing mindfulness session (ie: a weekly 30 minute mindfulness session)

  • Participating in an interview or podcast

  • Workshops

  • Curriculum development

  • Writing articles

Where are the facilitators located?   

Our facilitators are worldwide, however, most are in North America.  With virtual sessions now being in demand over in-person sessions, the location of the facilitator is much less of a client requirement.​

We are here to serve

What qualifications do the certified facilitators have?   


All facilitators have successfully completed The Calm Monkey's training and certification requirements and are actively certified.  Wendy Quan has personally met with and approved each certified facilitator to ensure they have achieved the standard level of knowledge and skills necessary to be certified.

They are skilled at introducing mindfulness meditation to an audience, facilitate discussion and lead mindfulness meditations and mindfulness techniques.  They facilitate in a trauma-sensitive, evidence-based and secular manner.

To remain actively certified, each facilitator is expected to continually maintain a level of personal practice and growth, are active in our facilitator community, and keeps abreast of the evolving mindfulness field.

You'll be matched with a facilitator

based on your needs

What does it cost to hire a facilitator?


Every request is unique.  Some requests are for volunteers and some are for paid services.

How do I inquire about getting a facilitator?

You are welcome to email  Please provide an explanation of what you are interested in doing.   

You will be put in touch directly with a facilitator, and will work directly with that facilitator on how to achieve your desired outcome.

Proud to have our certified facilitators

making a positive difference

Please contact  

Please describe the nature of what you are seeking to do, including a description of the audience, potential number of attendees, and if it is in-person or virtual. 

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