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Mindfulness Meditation
Facilitator Training & Certification program

Become a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator
with this highly practical course, toolkit & learning community.

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Experienced meditators gain competency to:



Skillfully facilitate mindfulness meditation sessions


Implement workplace or community mindfulness

Mindfulness Facilitator Training & Certification program - intro
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Your path to being a confident, skilled facilitator

You don't need to become a meditation teacher to help others cultivate the benefits of mindfulness, but you need to know you're doing it right.

Ensure you lead others with the field's best practices and

stay current as the field evolves.

Don't make assumptions - there are many people leading mindfulness and meditation incorrectly.

Other programs may teach you how to lead mindfulness practices,

but this program also shows you how to obtain support, promote, deliver, grow & measure a grassroots ongoing workplace or community program.


The Calm Monkey is the pioneer in mindfulness facilitator training and workplace implementation.

This began in 2014 and other programs look to this as best-in-class.


*  Super flexible to suit your busy schedule  *

*  No rigid cohort schedule, enroll anytime  *

*  Be part of a truly great community that supports your ongoing learning, small and large group interactions  *

* Learn the essentials of trauma and neurodiversity-informed facilitation *

* Keep current as the field evolves - such as A.I. and Mindfulness *

*  Wendy Quan is your caring mentor, providing personalized care  *


Our students say:  "This is the perfect program for those wanting to lead mindfulness for others. It's so practical and flexible to suit MY schedule!  The community is amazing and so is the personal growth.

This filled in the gaps in my knowledge!"

Program highlights

Learn the online course curriculum at your own pace,

and enjoy small & large group interactions with your new community!

Quick-start Toolkit

A superb resource of meditation scripts, mindfulness micro-practices, and phraseology (fresh language to use when leading the same practices over and over).  Best practices for opening and closing practices, writing your own scripts, promoting your offering, handouts, survey questions, etc.

This is literally everything you need to start and grow a mindfulness offering.

40-50 hours & oh, so flexible!​


Online, flexible, do-at-your-own-pace.

Up to 6 months* to complete, go as fast or slowly as you wish.


Highly practical hit-the-ground-running course and assignments that students rate as 'High to Superb Value' across the board.

(Meditation teacher training can be 200+ hours, take several years and cost $6,000+ and does not cover how to implement a program.)

*9 month option will be offered.

Fantastic community

Practice Sandboxes - small group practice.

Large group interaction - quarterly community Zoom meetings.

Meetups - monthly focused topic discussions (optional).

1-on-1s - get matched with another facilitator for informal chats (optional).


24/7 online community - through Slack.

Continuous learning


The course is packed with great learning, then you will keep on top of the latest issues and trends that all facilitators should know.

Examples are: trauma and neurodiversity informed practices and issues, and AI (artificial intelligence) and mindfulness.

Our vibrant community is great at sharing!

You won't feel alone!

Best practices

Learn how to facilitate in a secular, evidence-based, workplace-friendly, trauma-sensitive & neurodiverse-sensitive manner. Learn how to write your own scripts.

As our students say: "This fills in the important gaps that I didn't know I was missing!  This brings my facilitation to a whole new level."

You'll be Certified


You'll complete the coursework, assignments and submit a video of you leading a group session. 

If you are not quite ready to be certified, you will receive super supportive coaching to get there.  

You'll earn the title of

'Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator'.

Mentorship from

Wendy Quan​


You'll get personalized feedback, coaching, mentorship and inspiration directly from Wendy Quan.

We'll discuss your assignments, your journey and your plans during your live, private certification session.

Discuss your aspirations and hesitations.  Individual attention like this makes a world of difference.

Bonus benefits


1.  'Referral Network' - opt-in to receive client opportunities.  We can't promise how often you'll get opportunities, but you may get some wonderful referrals.

2.  Extra mentorship/coaching from Wendy Quan is available at a deeply discounted rate for our students.

3. Receive a membership discount offer to the 'Mindful Society Global Institute'.

Organizational and change management expertise​


Wendy Quan is a certified organizational change manager with a management background in human resources, organizational development and information technology. 

With a deep understanding of the organizational world, she teaches you best practices in how to implement mindfulness into organizations. Coaching that integrates mindfulness and change is also available.

Over 430 facilitators trained worldwide

Who is this program for?

Practitioners of mindfulness & meditation who want to help others, and those who have been facilitating without credentials.

Our students' backgrounds and roles are very diverse, but they all share the same goal -- to help others. Some are employees working in organizations who help their co-workers.  Some are service providers, entrepreneurs or small business owners who want to add mindfulness to their service offerings and/or serve community groups. Some facilitate as a hobby, are volunteers or are retired.  Some are spiritual and want to learn to lead in a secular way.


Some want to make the leap from being a practitioner to a skilled facilitator with confidence.  Many are already facilitating but need quality training and credentials, because they want to know they're doing this correctly and belong to a like-minded community.


All of our students know that facilitating is not as simple as reading out a meditation script.  They want to do this right, avoid risks to their participants and themselves, serve their audiences with evidence-based, secular, trauma and neurodiversity-informed practices and understand what they're doing and why.

Please see Application Form below for eligibility requirements.

The Calm Monkey facilitators

What our students say

A wonderfully diverse community with a shared purpose