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Facilitator Training & Certification

A practical online course & toolkit to become a Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator right away.

Optional Certification gives you the credibility people want to see.

Learn the practical & programmatic approach to creating an ongoing workplace

or community mindfulness practice.

NEW lessons included:  How to run virtual mindfulness meditation sessions. 

Running sessions virtually is now a necessary skill facilitators need to have.  Learn what's different about leading virtually.

​Become a skilled, respected facilitator without becoming a meditation teacher

using your own foundation of personal mindfulness meditation experience.

"But I only have my own mindfulness meditation practice, should I be facilitating others?   That feels daunting!"

Bundle the

Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training course & Certification Program

save 27%


Becoming a Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator will add more meaning to your life. 

Do you . . .

  • already have solid personal mindfulness and meditation experience, with a desire to help others?

  • want to lead a mindfulness meditation practice at work, for your clients or in the community?

  • want to confidently get started quickly with a complete toolkit and an online community of like-minded people?

Yes?   Please send in your Application Form.



From the industry leader in Facilitator training & certification

Learn from the pioneering leader, Wendy Quan, who has trained over 350 facilitators worldwide and has been recognized for her innovation in combining change management and meditation in the workplace.   Wendy taught this program at the University of California, Berkeley. She speaks at numerous conferences and online summits, including Mindful Leader's "2019 Mindfulness@Work summit", in-person "2019 Mindful Leadership conference" in Washington DC,  the Mindful Workplace Summit at 1440 Multiversity in California.


The Calm Monkey is partnered with:

Who is this for?


Anyone with a solid, committed personal mindfulness and meditation experience, with a compassionate interest in helping others practice too.  Anyone wanting training on how to startup a respected program and show the benefits, and receive the joy that comes from helping others.   See eligibility requirements in the Application Form.

This training is the key to engaging your audience for long-lasting, self-sustaining benefits.  Make the enthusiasm last!

Already running a practice at work but want to grow it further?  This training shows you how to expand your program and can train a group of facilitators for program consistency.  In fact, some of The Calm Monkey's students were already facilitating when they signed up as they wanted the structure, ideas and certification that this program provides.

Many types of people are now happily facilitating others at work or in their communities. The Calm Monkey's students are around the world and have all types of roles - they are employees, counselors, business owners, yoga instructors, massage therapists, managers, administrators, educators, etc. 

How is this offering unique?

Online, self-paced, start when you want.


In this practical & programmatic approach, you learn to obtain management support, promote & grow the program, keep participants interested and measure your results.

You'll receive a valuable toolkit of scripts, recordings, sample agendas and communications.

If you do your research online, you'll see there are many wonderful meditation teacher training programs available. The difference is that this covers the practical and programmatic side of starting up a program, creating a safe space for others to practice and equips you to lead live, guided meditations.  You will learn to how to coordinate and measure your program's value.

You don't need to take exhaustive and costly meditation teacher training to make a positive difference in people's lives.  This is very achievable and practical for busy people.

Facilitator Training course teaches you to:

  • Immediately start-up a self-sustaining, long-term practice with no operating costs, with a quick-start toolkit.

  • Avoid mistakes that can kill a program or put you at risk.

  • Engage and grow your audience.



  • A complete toolkit of scripts, recordings & templates.

  • Ongoing interaction and resources via online Facilitator Community of Practice.

Facilitator Certification program is valuable to:

  • Obtain the credibility people want to see.

  • Earn the title 'Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator'

  • Build your confidence with a mentorship session with Wendy Quan, and use Wendy as an ongoing resource.

  • Attend live, group video meetings with others around the world.

  • Receive preferred business opportunity referrals if approved for TCM's Referral Network*.

  • Most facilitators get certified, whether they are working for employer or starting a mindfulness business of their own.

*TCM Referral Network - a bonus for being a TCM facilitator is the opportunity to receive business opportunity referrals from The Calm Monkey!  Certified Facilitators are given preference for referrals.

See what our students say

Meet MJ Nucci, who says she's living her dream. After a long corporate career as a project manager, she is now offering mindfulness services to the workplace and community in Montreal, Canada, via Headpause.com.
(1.5 min)

Tanya is a web content editor working for one of Canada's largest municipalities. 

Anyone in any job role can make a beautiful difference, like Tanya.

(1.5 min)

Results from Canada's largest credit union.  Meet Certified Facilitator, Kulli Yee.

(1.5 min)

Hear from those who have taken this course and are now loving facilitating!

(1.5 min)

Reviews from the Facilitator Training & Certification course:

99% recommend the course to others

100% said they felt equipped to start facilitating right away.

"Our program is now in full swing and I have facilitated 7 sessions using every tool and piece of advice you gave us. Our program seems to be a success. I have 35 people signed up and I'm running 2 back to back lunchtime sessions to fit everyone in. On average I get about 8 - 10 people per session as not everyone makes it due to other demands."

~Kulli, Vancity

"I am from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and I took The Calm Monkey’s excellent online Facilitator Training course in 2016. It gave me the confidence I needed to go out into the community at large and share knowledge, experience and most importantly, help with practice to the people of the UAE.  As a result of TCM's easy to use and highly effective online course, I now offer the UAE’s first internationally accredited mindfulness course for children. I go in to schools and train teachers on how they can bring Mindfulness into their classroom. It was very important that I created something unique and specific to this region. It had to remain non secular and we had to make sure its lineage could not be traced back to any practicing religion and would remain science based. I am very pleased to say, I am now offering Mindful Seeds training to the entire faculty of my third school and I am so grateful to Wendy for her continued support and giving me the confidence to reach out to the children of the UAE. Thank you Wendy and good luck to all TCM facilitators out there, we ARE making a difference!"

~Justine, Sandy Seeds

"Wendy is a very talented teacher and leader who works extremely well with her audiences. The program that Wendy has developed is fantastic. The network of highly skilled mindfulness meditation facilitators is a great resource for facilitators. If you are considering becoming a Mindfulness facilitator, I highly recommend working with Wendy at The Calm Monkey!"

~Marc, Founder, the gunnar project

And a few more reviews . . .

"I'm really glad I chose The Calm Monkey for my Facilitator training. It went beyond what I anticipated.  I feel all of the bases were covered for helping me roll out meditation sessions throughout my organization. I'm confident that I'll be supported well after my training and certification. Wendy is truly there for you when you need her. She proved this by answering my emails right away. Each time I received a reply from her the very next day, which I really appreciated. It validated that my questions and concerns were important and that Wendy is truly vested in my success."    ~Tanya.

"I had already started facilitating informally, but this gave me the confidence and toolkit to take it to next level."    ~Janice.

"LOVE that I have all these wonderful resources to use!  I liked the pieces where I had to create my success plan and take action so that I wasn't just consuming material. I like the TCM facilitator community aspect for continued learnings. Thank you, Wendy. Your calm, confident self and experience doing this work within corporations are priceless as we seek to pioneer in our own organizations."     ~Amy.

"I enjoyed the combination of videos and text, it was not too heavy, in fact extremely manageable. Even though I have been facilitating sessions at work I found the course content to be relevant with lots of useful tips and information."    ~Stephanie.

"The meditations and toolkit are valuable and practical.  It's all perfect!"    ~Kim.

"This addressed challenges that any facilitator may face."    ~Arlene.

"I loved the practicality and ease of this course."    ~Jennifer.

100% of Google employees trained "would recommend this training to others"