Mindfulness Meditation
Facilitator Training & Certification program

Become a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator
with this highly practical course, toolkit & community.

Experienced meditators learn to:



Skillfully facilitate mindfulness meditation sessions


Implement workplace or community mindfulness

You don't need to become a meditation teacher to help others cultivate the benefits of mindfulness, but you need to know you're doing it right.

Ensure you lead others with current best practices.

Other programs may teach you how to lead mindfulness practices,

but this program also shows you how to obtain support, promote, deliver, grow & measure a grassroots ongoing workplace or community program.


The Calm Monkey is the pioneer in mindfulness facilitator training and workplace implementation.

This began in 2014 and other programs look to this as best-in-class.


*  Super flexible to suit your busy schedule  *

*  No rigid cohort schedule  *

*  Be part of a great community that supports your ongoing learning, small and large group interactions  *

*  Wendy Quan is your mentor  *


Our students say:  "This is the perfect program for those wanting to lead mindfulness for others. It's so practical and flexible to suit MY schedule!  The community is amazing and so is the personal growth."

Program highlights

Quick-start Toolkit

Over 70 meditation scripts, mindfulness practices, background music, outlines for running introduction and ongoing live guided meditation sessions, communication templates to promote your program, handouts and survey questions to capture your program's benefits.

This is literally everything you need to start a grassroots program right away!

30-40 hours & oh, so flexible!​


Online, flexible, do-at-your-own-pace.

Up to 6 months to complete, go as fast or slowly as you wish.


Highly practical hit-the-ground-running course and assignments that students rate as 'High to Superb Value' across the board.

(Meditation teacher training can be 200+ hours, take several years and cost $6,000+ and does not cover how to implement a program.)

Instant community

Small group practice and supportive feedback through our 'Practice Sandboxes'.

Large group interaction and continuous learning through live Zoom meetings.

24/7 online community through Slack.

Continuing education, sharing and support to stay current with trends & controversies and get new ideas.  You won't feel alone!

'Practice Sandbox'​


Here's where you can observe others leading, provide feedback, get the jitters out, experiment and have fun meeting others around the world in this small, intimate setting.

You will pick up great tips for your own facilitation.

Attend as much as you like for practice and community connection!

You'll be Certified


You'll complete the coursework, assignments and submit a video of your leading a group session. 

If you are not quite ready to be certified, you will receive super supportive coaching to get there.  

You'll earn the title of

'Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator'.

Mentorship from

Wendy Quan​


You'll get personalized feedback, coaching, mentorship and inspiration from Wendy Quan.

We'll discuss your assignments, your journey and your plans during your live, private certification session.

Discuss your aspirations and hesitations.  Individual attention like this makes a world of difference.

Best practices

Learn how to facilitate in a secular, evidence-based, workplace-friendly, trauma-sensitive & neurodiverse-sensitive manner. Learn how to lead Mindful Movement and write your own scripts.

As our students say: "This fills in the important gaps that I didn't know I was missing!  This brings my facilitation to a whole new level."

Bonus benefits


1.  'Referral Network' - opt-in to receive client opportunities.  We can't promise how often you'll get opportunities, but you may get some wonderful referrals.

2.  Extra mentorship/coaching from Wendy Quan is available at a deeply discounted rate for our students.

3. Receive a membership discount offer to the 'Mindful Society Global Institute'.

Organizational and change management expertise​


Wendy Quan is a certified organizational change manager with a management background in human resources, organizational development and information technology. 

With a deep understanding of the organizational world, she teaches you best practices in how to implement mindfulness into organizations.

Over 400 facilitators trained worldwide

Who is this program for?

Practitioners of mindfulness & meditation who want to help others, and those who have been facilitating without credentials

Our students' backgrounds and roles vary greatly, but they all share the same goal -- to help others. Some are employees working in organizations wanting to help their co-workers.  Some are service providers, entrepreneurs or small business owners who want to add mindfulness to their service offerings and/or serve community groups. Some facilitate as a hobby, volunteers or are retired.  


Some want to make the leap from being a practitioner to a skilled facilitator with confidence.  Many are already facilitating but need quality training and credentials, because they want to know they're doing this correctly.


All of our students know that this is not as simple as reading out a meditation script.  They want to do this right, avoid risks to their participants and themselves, serve their audiences with ethical, secular, trauma and neurodiverse-informed practices and understand what they're doing and why.

Please see Application Form below for eligibility requirements.

The Calm Monkey facilitators

What our students say


Exactly What I Needed, When I Needed It!

Sufyan from Chicago

As a civil rights attorney helping to lead a NGO, I work with my teams and allies to provide support and services to communities facing hate and discrimination.  I realized the toll this work takes and was searching for a way to provide resources to those I work with.


I reached out to Wendy Quan and it was life changing!  She encouraged me to strengthen my own mindfulness practice and then apply, and enroll, into the Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Certification course.


Being able to lead my teams and community partners through mindfulness practices has helped us not only take care of ourselves better, but also to be better advocates for those we serve.  


The Calm Monkey community has been incredibly thoughtful and helpful throughout the Certification process and has remained supportive as I continue to learn new and better ways to facilitate!

Thank you to The Calm Monkey!

90% strongly agree this course equipped them to be a facilitator

Delightfully satisfied facilitators

. . . and 99% recommend this course to others.

Having access to an industry expert and a wonderful facilitator community supports you in your journey beyond the course.  Stay current with what facilitators should know and continuous development.

Clients of The Calm Monkey

Meet your guide, Wendy Quan

Wendy Quan, Founder of The Calm Monkey, is the industry innovator in Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training & Certification and combining change management techniques with mindfulness to help people through difficult change.

This program is the pioneer in the workplace mindfulness facilitator field.

The Calm Monkey began in 2011 offering mindfulness to organizations, then expanded in 2014 to being the first provider to offer practical workplace mindfulness facilitator training, now with over 400 facilitators worldwide successfully trained.


The Calm Monkey is also a collaborative partner of  the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources in British Columbia and the Mindful Society Global Institute.

Wendy has an extensive corporate management background in Human Resources, IT and organizational change management, which is matched well with her corporate mindfulness track record.  

Today, she is an international conference speaker, sought for her continuous innovation.  Her clients have included Google, the U.S. National Park Service, the government of Dubai, Genentech, Citrix and over 400 facilitators trained worldwide.

Her cancer journey led to her life’s purpose: 

“To help people create a better experience of life through mindfulness meditation”.

If you have a passion for helping others discover and practice mindfulness meditation, you are welcome to apply for the Facilitator Training & Certification program.

All questions are very welcome! 

Please email Wendy@TheCalmMonkey.com

Wendy Quan, Founder, The Calm Monkey

Very reasonable pricing

Mindfulness Facilitator Training and Certification Pricing

Scholarships may be granted based on financial need, on a per case basis.

How to explore and apply:


Step 1: 

Take the
Free Preview

Get a really good feel for the program and see the course curriculum. 

 See if all your questions are answered in this Frequently Asked Questions document.

Step 3: 

Send in your Application Form

Your application is welcome.

If you are not quite ready for entry into the program, we're happy to suggest ways you can reach eligibility.

Step 2: 

Read the FAQ

Not quite sure if this is for you?

No problem ... you are welcome to request a discovery meeting with Wendy Quan, with no obligation whatsoever.

This needs to feel right for you!

Please email Wendy@TheCalmMonkey.com

This will be your community

In our challenging world, people are seeking ways to create a better experience of life.

Evolving from being a personal practitioner to sharing your knowledge and passion with others will bring much joy to you, and have a ripple effect farther than you'll ever know.


Our facilitator community is fantastic, enlivened to share, connect with each other and really care about continuous growth and helping others. It's great to be part of a like-minded group with people from around the world!

Join The Calm Monkey's mission to 'Create a mindful world together'

The Calm Monkey mindfulness meditation facilitator training and certifcation