Facilitator Training & Certification

The Calm Monkey mindfulness meditation facilitator training and certifcation

A practical on-demand online course, toolkit and community to become a

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator.

​Experienced meditators learn to:

  • Implement workplace mindfulness - startup and grow an ongoing mindfulness practice.

  • Skillfully facilitate mindfulness meditation sessions - with today's best practices.

What's unique about this program?


Other programs may teach you how to lead mindfulness practices,

but this program also shows you how to obtain support, promote, deliver, grow & measure

an ongoing workplace program.

Super flexible to suit your needs.

No rigid cohort schedule.  

A great community that supports your learning, and Wendy Quan as your mentor.

You will get a content-rich online course, valuable toolkit of resources, an instant community on Slack, 

1-on-1 mentorship with Wendy Quan, and ongoing live community meetings and wonderful small peer group practice sessions for ongoing growth.​

Go as fast or as slow as you wish, and complete within six months.

* NEW * - this program now includes ongoing 'Practice Sandbox' sessions where you can practice and improve leading meditation, observe other facilitators and connect in a small, fun peer environment.

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See what our students say

Meet MJ Nucci, who says she's living her dream. After a long corporate career as a project manager, she is now offering mindfulness services to the workplace and community in Montreal, Canada
(1.5 min)

Tanya is a web content editor working for one of Canada's largest municipalities. 

Anyone in any job role can make a beautiful difference, like Tanya.

After taking the course, Tanya has also started up a side business offering mindfulness services.

(1.5 min)

Results from Canada's largest credit union.  Meet Certified Facilitator, Kulli Yee.

(1.5 min)

Hear from those who have taken this course and are now loving facilitating!

(1.5 min)

The Calm Monkey's clients

1-on-1 coaching/mentorship with Wendy Quan

When you take this course, you will receive a private, 1-on-1 coaching/mentorship session with Wendy Quan. This includes personalized feedback on your work and enthusiastic coaching to take your skills to the next level.

As a student of The Calm Monkey, you are entitled to additional coaching with Wendy at a preferred rate.  This is highly inspiring and beneficial to your unique situation.  You set the agenda and will leave with lots of tips, insight, meaningful discussion and invigorated with a clear action plan.

Tap into Wendy's expertise as you prepare for pivotal points in your journey.  Such as:  navigating approval from decision-makers, dealing with internal politics, running a pilot, starting up a side business, how to attract prospective clients, designing your offerings and setting pricing, etc.

More about coaching/mentorship

Program information, take the FREE PREVIEW, and get the Application Form.