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Meditation Recordings

Welcome!  Here are a number of recordings to enhance your meditation practice. 

Please share these recordings with others.  You can stream or download them.  There are some instructional recordings and some guided meditations.

May you enjoy your mindfulness and meditation practice even more with these recordings!


~Wendy Quan

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Free Recordings

Stream, download and share these meditations for free

* Mindful Meeting Opener - see this very popular blog post to learn how you can start a meeting with a mindful moment.

Meditations for the Workplace

Stream these meditations for free!

With or without background music.

You may buy all these guided meditation recordings for just $6.99 USD (button on the top right) and download them.  Your purchase is appreciated.


The Present Moment

a mindfulness video poem by Wendy Quan

This poem reminds us to seek awe and wonder in the present moment. My participants absolutely love this, and so do mindfulness facilitators who often use this at the end of a meditation. I hope you enjoy.


Either close your eyes & listen, or watch the images with mindful attention, noticing how your body feels as you experience this meditation.


from The Calm Monkey

Dealing with Change Toolkit by The Calm Monkey

Dealing with Change Toolkit

Your evidence-based, confidential, personal companion through change.

Combining mindfulness, meditation and the principles of the change journey, create the experience you would rather have through difficult change.

It's time to make your changes easier.

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