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Dealing with Change TOOLKIT

Dealing with Change Toolkit

Would you like to . . .

Feel more in control?
Boost your resilience?
Make change feel easier?
Increase your ability to deal with change?

This toolkit is your confidential, personal companion through change.

Combining mindfulness, meditation and the principles of the change journey

create the experience you would rather have through difficult change.

It's time to make your changes easier.

Currently available for only $37 USD, 
regularly $97 USD.

Dealing with Change Toolkit
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How this helps improve your experience through change



You may be feeling agitated, worried, down-hearted, anxious or stuck.​ Or maybe you are doing okay but you could use some help to move through your changes with more confidence, intention and positivity. 

Whether you're dealing with a change that's been imposed upon you or you have decided to make a change, whether work or personal, this toolkit is your personal companion.

Change can be tough and stressful. It's not easy to admit that we may be struggling, frustrated or worried.

Using change management (a profession that helps people through change) principles together with mindfulness and meditation, this guides you through:

  • getting out of auto-pilot mode in how you react to difficult change,

  • raising your awareness of how the change is affecting you,

  • understanding what is challenging for you and why,

  • learning what acceptance really means and preparing you to move forward, and

  • committing to creating the experience you would rather have and being your own advocate.

What's in this toolkit?

Guided Meditations

The meditations guide you through the 'change' life-cycle.


Most meditations are 9 minutes long, so it's easy to fit this into a busy life.

Choose from two voices - a female voice and a male voice.

Choose to have background music or no music, and fully guided or lightly guided.


Includes basic meditation guidance for anyone new to mindfulness meditation.

Absolutely no prior meditation experience is needed to get the benefits, as shown from the study results.


For experienced meditators, you can choose to be 'lightly guided' and have more quiet time.

Understand the Journey

Learn what the 'Individual Change Journey' is and how people typically experience difficult change.

Recognize how you're progressing through the change life-cycle.

Also learn the 'Accountability Ladder' and its reactive and proactive behaviors.

Backed by research

Benefit from The Calm Monkey's 'Dealing with Change' study results which showed how all participants positively benefited from this meditation technique, whether they were new to meditation or experienced practitioners.

This toolkit is an evidence-based approach that combines mindfulness, meditation and the 'Individual Change Journey' of change management. 

You will learn about how people generally experience difficult change, then use the meditations to guide you through the phases of change in a healthy, constructive way. You decide when and how often to use the meditations.

Results from the Dealing with Change ​

meditation study

Dealing with Change results - ability to deal with the change

What people are saying

Dealing with Change results - noticed changes
Marc Lesser

Former CEO of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and best-selling author

Marc Lesser

"Dealing with change is constant for everyone.  Wendy has done an excellent job providing tools for meeting change in healthy, balanced, and much needed ways"


Marc Lesser was the CEO of the well-known Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, and has authored several books including Know Yourself, Forget Yourself, Less: Accomplishing More By Doing Less, and Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader.

What a multi-national technology company is saying . . .​

Our company continues to expand, which means tremendous change, and our mindfulness committee wanted to see if the Dealing with Change Toolkit could help our staff through difficult change, both work and personal changes. 


In 2018, we ran a 3 week pilot and the results were very positive.  More Dassault Systemes employees in the United States registered than anticipated, and 100% of the participants say YES to recommending the product to help deal with changes.  Among the benefits we saw were 81% said their ability to deal with their change after using the toolkit was High or Very High.  We can really see how this mindfulness tool can help people through difficult change. 


Arlene Cerda

Dassault Systemes 3DMindSpace Committee Member

Dealing with Change Toolkit

Get unlimited access for one full year.

This is an online, streaming resource so you will need internet connection to use it.

The meditations are not downloadable.

Regular price:   $97 USD

Currently available only $37 USD.

When you buy, you will: 

  • Create a login account on the first screen, then pay, then you'll get immediate access to start right away.

  • Receive occasional, gentle email reminders to use the toolkit.

  • Be invited to answer very brief pre and post surveys if you choose to submit your results (This is completely optional.  Your answers are confidentially added, with no personal information, to ongoing research in this area and is very appreciated).

Thank you kindly and I truly hope you will

achieve a much better experience of your changes with this toolkit.

Questions are welcome to:

Partnered with the global Association of Change Management Professionals
Wendy Quan.jpg

Meet your guide, Wendy Quan

Wendy Quan, Founder of The Calm Monkey, is the industry pioneer in two areas:

  • Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training & Certification, and

  • Combining mindfulness, meditation and change management.

Wendy's long corporate career included management in Human Resources, Information Technology and Change Management.  She is a certified change manager, and is a founding member of the global Association of Change Management Professionals.

She is an international conference speaker, and is grateful for clients such as Google, the U.S. National Park Service, Genentech and Citrix and has trained over 400 mindfulness facilitators worldwide.

This technique contained in the Dealing with Change Toolkit has been presented at numerous mindfulness and business conferences and in course 'Mindfulness for the Workplace' from The Great Courses, Wondrium and, where Wendy is the workplace mindfulness expert. 

Wendy's life purpose is:

To help people create a better experience of life

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