In February 2018, a "Dealing with Change" meditation study was conducted by The Calm Monkey.

The results are available here.  Or see below for just the highlights.

(The remarkable results from this research study impelled the creation of the 'Dealing with Change Toolkit'.

Don't miss checking out this toolkit!)

Dealing with change toolkit - change management and mindfulness

The Calm Monkey is the pioneer in combining 'change management' techniques with mindfulness meditation to help people through difficult change.

This innovation has been recognized by the global Association of Change Management Professionals at numerous conferences and webinars.

Study Highlights

Participants were asked to work on a difficult change they are experiencing.

Then listen to The Calm Monkey's Dealing with Change

15 minute meditation recording at least 3 times in a 2 week period.

Look at these significant results:  

Only 10% rated their ability to deal with the change as High/Very High before the study. This number dramatically increased to 68% after the study.

The green bars show the number of participants who experienced those positive benefits:

Everyone who participated got positive results, regardless of their prior meditation experience:

Participant comments . . .​


"I feel calmer and more in control. Able to choose my thoughts & influence my feelings."

"I can now reflect on this change without feeling torn by it."

"This is great for any organization or individual going through hard changes."

"I worked through my resentment - it was liberating!"

"I now see what I need to do to have a more positive experience."

What does this meditation do?

This uses industry-recognized 'change management' techniques to help raise your self-awareness of your personal experiences through difficult change, and guides you through the 'Individual Journey' change life cycle to create a better experience, and build strong resilience.

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