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mindfulness meditation facilitator training and certification

Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training & Certification

Become a skilled certified mindfulness meditation facilitator with an online course, a toolkit and community of facilitators.

and . . .

Learn how to implement workplace mindfulness.  You don't have to take meditation teacher training to facilitate a great experience for others.

Applications are being accepted.

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This is the first-of-its-kind program that began in 2014.

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workplace mindfulness meditation facilitator training and certifcation

Workplace Mindfulness Programs

Bring mindfulness into your organization by training your own employees to facilitate, or by having an introductory talk.

Create a long lasting, self-sustaining mindfulness practice at work with no ongoing operating costs.

Ensure your facilitators know how to lead in a workplace-friendly, secular and trauma-sensitive manner.

Dealing with Change Toolkit, change management and mindfulness

Dealing with Change Toolkit

Dealing with more change due to COVID?


Dealing with Change Toolkit  combines mindfulness, meditation and the principles of the change journey.

The first to combine change management techniques with mindfulness, helping people through difficult change, mindfully.

Toolkit is now available

Milestone celebrations!

In 2010, my life was a messy blur when I was diagnosed with cancer. 

Mindfulness and meditation became a solid foundation for dealing with... well, everything in my life.  The ups, downs and sideways.


In 2021, I celebrated 10 years leading workplace mindfulness and 7 years training and being in community with compassionate facilitators to bring mindfulness to others.

With deep gratitude, I am here to serve.

~Wendy Quan

Celebrating 7 & 10 years - The Calm Monkey

* Dealing with Change Toolkit *

This online companion helps you mindfully through difficult change - whether your changes are due to COVID or something else, your choice or not.


Based on the outstanding results from our research study, this toolkit was created!  Company pilots have completed, showing similar or better results than the research study. Individuals are reporting it helps through difficult times.​

You are guided through creating a better experience of your difficult changes, based on integrating industry standard change management techniques, using mindfulness and meditation.

Toolkit is now available

Deaing with Change Toolkit, change managemen and mindfulness
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Filming in 2022

I'm excited to be developing a video course for The Great Courses (recently rebranded to 'Wondrium') and

I'll be filming in Washington DC in 2022!

Creating a Mindful World, Together


Conference speaker for 'Futures 2021'

October 7, 2021 

What a super engaged audience for my talk 'Using Mindfulness for Innovative Change Management'! 

A superb virtual professional development conference for Inclusive Recovery for today's workforce.

'The Wonder Series', with Denise Stegall of

August 25, 2021 

Here's what we covered:


  • How mindfulness helps with chronic pain and where you can find more information on this

  • When leading others in mindfulness practices, some of the things a facilitator should know

  • Misconceptions of mindfulness and meditation

  • How mindfulness helps in all the highs, lows, and the mundane of our lives.

Replay here

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'Bystander Intervention Session'

August 3, 2021 (free public session)

Would you know what to mindfully do if you witnessed a racist incident?

Civil rights attorney (and a certified mindfulness facilitator of The Calm Monkey), Sufyan Sohel, and his colleague Tamer Abouzeid, speak on what you can do as a helpful bystander without putting yourself in harm's way. 

Sorry if you missed this session!  It was not recorded, but here is a wonderful handout that summarizes the '5Ds' of what you can do as a bystander.

Bystander Intervention Training-1.png

Podcast: "Unmasking the Soul"

July 16, 2021

Coach Kealah 'Kiki' Parkinson is a fellow co-author with me on the best-selling book "The Successful Body".  We had a raw conversation about our views on spirituality and the masks people tend to wear.

There is a 5 minute guided meditation at 44:36 about the masks that you might be wearing.


On Spotify and Google Podcasts.

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More people are practicing mindfulness year over year

I've seen a definite increase in the number of organizations all asking for the same thing:  

"Our staff have been working so hard, they're stressed out and full of anxiety. They are burning out. We'd like to help our staff learn about mindfulness to help them cope."

Look at the increase in how many people already meditate when I speak to organizations.

Percentage audience who practice mindful

Podcast: "Calming the monkey mind with Wendy Quan"

March 26, 2021

Coach Kealah 'Kiki' Parkinson is a fellow co-author with me on the best-selling book "The Successful Body".  She's a fun interviewer and we had a great chat about mindfulness and bringing this into the corporate workplace. On Spotify and Google Podcasts.

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Podcast with Nishant Garg:  "Beating Cancer, Taking a Leap of Faith and more"

March 16, 2021

"Nishant Garg  interviews world-class experts to deconstruct habits, practices, and routines to help you live a mindful life - one day at a time".  

I'm grateful to have been interviewed in this raw, unscripted discussion available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Nishant's website

Nishant Garg podcast, Mar 2021.PNG

BOOK LAUNCH 'The Successful Body'

February 2021

I'm grateful to be a co-author with a group of amazing experts!  This book is a collection of wisdom to help you create a sphere of positive physical and mental health.

My part discusses how mindfulness and meditation contribute to a successful body.  

This is now a best seller in the U.S. and Canada!

The Successful Body book - mindfulness meditation body

Institute for Organizational Mindfulness presentation:

"Case study:  Pacific Blue Cross' workplace mindfulness implementation, and how it helped with change management"


February 25, 2021

Here's a brief excerpt about integrating change management & mindfulness (video to the right).
Click here to see the entire session replay.

Mindful Society Global Institute presentation:   

"Offering Mindfulness Services"


January 13, 2021

A members-only presentation for the Mindful Society Global Institute

PUBLICLY FREE:  Here is a short clip that defines the difference between a mindfulness Facilitator and a Teacher.

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Things I want to share with you . . .

A video poem for you 'The Present Moment'

I'm sharing a video poem I created to help us find the awe and wonder in the present moment.

Please enjoy this 3 minute video poem, and here is an accompanying gift for you - the script for this poem.

Wendy's articles for Mindful Leader

3 most common fears facilitating mindfulness in the workplace

What mental hurdles mindfulness facilitators need to overcome.

Mindful Leader.png

What makes a great mindfulness facilitator?

The do's and don'ts of facilitation.

3 Reasons to combine mindfulness and change management

I'm honoured to be collaborate with Mindful Leader to bring you this pioneering perspective on combining change management with mindfulness.

How facilitators can lead through COVID-19

Technology, Engagement, practices, self-care.

6th Annual Mindful Leadership Summit, by Mindful Leader 

Nov 14-17, 2019 in Washington DC - The world's largest in-person workplace mindfulness conference!

I'm grateful to have spoken:

1) In the Thought Leader category on "Mindfulness-Informed Change Management"

2) Workshop "Mindfulness Facilitation: Best Practices for Workplace Mindfulness Implementation

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Mindfulness & Compassion At Work Summit


May 7-11, 2019:  This free online summit from the U.K. was superb.  I was honoured to be among one of 25 speakers discussing practical ways to bring more awareness and kindness into the modern workplace.  Speakers include Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Rick Hanson.

MCW Summit speakers.jpg

Meet MJ Nucci 

She says she's living her dream now.  After a long corporate career as a project manager, she is now offering mindfulness services to the workplace and community in Montreal, Canada.

(This video has been popular on LinkedIn!)

(1.5 min)

"82% reduced level of stress"


See what's happening at Canada's largest credit union after a graduate from The Calm Monkey started running regular mindfulness sessions at work.

Here is Kulli Yee.

(1.5 min)

"Mindfulness Meditation + Change Management" talk


Presentation at the global Association of Change Management Professionals in New Orleans.

(56 min)

"3 Tips for Mindfulness Facilitators at work" talk


Presentation at the Greater Good Science Center's 'Mindfulness & Well-Being at Work' conference, UC Berkeley.

(16 min)

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Free Resources

Research Paper:  "Dealing with Change Mindfulness Meditation Study"


See the amazing results from The Calm Monkey's research study that helped people through difficult change.

Combining change management techniques with mindfulness meditation.

Dealing with Change mindfulness meditation study, change management

Winning White Paper:  "Meditation - a Powerful Change Management Tool"


Winning paper of the 2015 Association of Change Management Professionals conference.


Case study of how Wendy Quan achieved peak participation and high resiliency at Pacific Blue Cross by integrating change management with meditation.

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Business Case Resource

(Free upon request)

Excellent resources providing you with information to help build a case for starting mindfulness at work.

Simply email to request this free resource!