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You can help workplaces and communities be more mindful

mindfulness meditation facilitator training and certification

Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training & Certification

Obtain credentials as a skilled certified mindfulness meditation facilitator with an online course, a toolkit and community of facilitators.

and . . .

Learn how to implement workplace mindfulness. 


Applications are being accepted.

See the Free Preview of the course.

This is the first-of-its-kind program that began in 2014.

Help make a meaningful, positive difference for others.

Workplace Mindfulness programs

Workplace Mindfulness Programs

Build on your wellness strategy by bringing mindfulness into your organization. Train your own employees to facilitate, or by having an engaging virtual workshop.

Create a long lasting, self-sustaining mindfulness practice at work with no ongoing operating costs.

Ensure your mindfulness facilitators know how to lead properly in a workplace-friendly, secular and trauma-sensitive manner.

Dealing with Change Toolkit

Dealing with Change Toolkit

Create a better experience of change.

See the Toolkit and study results. 


An evidence-based, confidential companion through difficult change.

The first to combine change management techniques with mindfulness, helping people through difficult change, mindfully.


Special $37, regular $97

Time to Chill Meditation Challenge FREE

FREE Meditation Challenge week!

Was: August 28 - September 1

Jon Kabat-Zinn and other presented in this FREE WisdomFeed event!

Although this event is over, my free training talk on the '4 Attitudes for Successful Meditation' is still posted here for viewing - unsure how long it will remain posted!

See free training '4 Attitudes for Successful Meditation'

Creating a Mindful World, Together

'Transform your Worklife using Mindfulness'
Course title also known as 'Mindfulness for the Workplace"

enjoying a nearly 5-star rating!



I'm so excited to have created this video course for The Great Courses, Wondrium and Audible!

  • Learn to create a better experience for yourself at work and in your personal life, no matter what your current circumstances are or what the future might hold.

  • Learn super practical, secular (non-spiritual, non-religious) and evidence-based mindfulness practices that can be incorporated into your workday. Meditations are also included!

  • This is for everyone - whether you are new to mindfulness, experienced or you're a facilitator.

Choose how you want to experience the course:

1.  The Great Courses (buy this individual course)

2.  Wondrium (streaming access to thousands of educational, entertaining videos for anything you've ever wondered about).

3. (listen to the audio version)

See the trailer:

See behind-the-scenes fun:

The Great Courses

If you have a group or organization that wishes to have access to this course,

please contact and I can put you in touch with

The Great Courses to explore group pricing.

What you learn:

Course outline
Mindful Directory partner

The Calm Monkeys is a Training Partner of Mindful Directoryin collaboration with

Top 100 corporate mindfulness workshops for 2023

* Dealing with Change Toolkit *

This online companion helps you mindfully through difficult change - whether your changes are due to COVID or something else, your choice or not.


Based on the outstanding results from our research study, this toolkit was created!  Company pilots have completed, showing similar or better results than the research study. Individuals are reporting it helps through difficult times.​

You are guided through creating a better experience of your difficult changes, based on integrating industry standard change management techniques, using mindfulness and meditation.

Toolkit is now available

for a special price of $37 USD, regularly $97 USD.

Deaing with Change Toolkit

Milestone celebrations!

In 2010, my life was a messy blur when I was diagnosed with cancer. 

Mindfulness and meditation became a solid foundation for dealing with... well, everything in my life.  The ups, downs and sideways.


In 2023, I celebrate 12 years leading workplace mindfulness and 9 years training and being in community with compassionate facilitators to bring mindfulness to others.

With deep gratitude, I am here to serve.

~Wendy Quan

Celebrating 9 & 12 years

Get the free white paper, and research paper, and instructions on how to start a meeting with a mindful moment (most popular blog post)

Get these excellent resources here.

Sign-up to get mindfulness tips and more - these are infrequent so won't fill up your inbox!

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The Mindful Coach podcast with Wendy Quan

Podcast episode:  'Potential Dangers when leading Mindfulness Training in the Workplace'

August 24, 2023

Honoured to be on Brett Hill's The Mindful Coach podcast.


We covered:

  • transitioning from being a personal mindfulness practitioner to leading others

  • risks and dangers of leading workplace mindfulness without proper training

  • how coaches can integrate mindfulness into their coaching services


Listen here  (38 minutes)

Song:  'Creating a Mindful World Together' 

by J Stead (a treasured member of our certified mindfulness facilitator community)

One of The Calm Monkey's facilitators captured the essence of what it feels like to be part of our worldwide community! 


See J Stead from Toronto, Ontario, perform their song and we had a community sing-along too!

This was sparked by another facilitator, Cliona Molloy in Ireland, who wrote a heartfelt poem about our community. 

I'm in awe of our global community, thank you to all.

Ontario's First Work conference

Conference speaker for Ontario's 'FirstWork' youth conference

February 9, 2023

Session: "Simple Mindfulness Practices for Your Career Growth'. 

This conference is for youth is to help with career exploration and growth.  I'm excited to speak to youth about how mindfulness can help them as they start and grow their career.

Podcast - 'A Mindful Moment' with Teresa McKee

October 2022

'Episode 218: Wendy Quan - Mindfulness in the workplace'

'A Mindful Moment' podcast is #10 in Apple Podcast's Mental Health category. 

Happy to talk to Teresa about the application of mindfulness at work. (20 minutes)

Present Moment podcast

Podcast - 'Present Moment' with Ted Meissner

October 2022

'Episode 168: Wendy Quan - Bringing Mindfulness to the Workplace"

Ted Meissner is a respected mindfulness leader and long-time podcaster. We've had a similar corporate path and talk openly about bringing mindfulness to the workplace.  (34 minutes)

ACMP conference - Wendy Quan

Conference speaker for 'Association of Change Management Professionals'

June 28 - July 1, 2022

Session: "Mindfulness-Informed Change Management'. 

This is the eighth time speaking for this global professional association on this innovative subject of integrating mindfulness with change management.

Did you know there are more ways than one to help people through change using mindfulness?

This was a closed conference event, but you are welcome to download my study results, and see the Dealing With Change Toolkit too.

"3 Tips for Mindfulness Facilitators at work" talk


Presentation at the Greater Good Science Center's 'Mindfulness & Well-Being at Work' conference, UC Berkeley.

(16 min)

logo - GGSC.png
logo - Berkeley-sm.png
The Successful Body book

BOOK LAUNCH 'The Successful Body'

February 2021

I'm grateful to be a co-author with a group of amazing experts!  This book is a collection of wisdom to help you create a sphere of positive physical and mental health.

My part discusses how mindfulness and meditation contribute to a successful body.  

This is now a best seller in the U.S. and Canada!

Institute for Organizational Mindfulness webcast:

"Case study:  Pacific Blue Cross' workplace mindfulness implementation, and how it helped with change management"


February 25, 2021

Play a brief excerpt about integrating change management & mindfulness.

Mindful Society Global Institute - Wendy Quan

Mindful Society Global Institute presentation:   

"Offering Mindfulness Services"


January 13, 2021

A members-only presentation for the Mindful Society Global Institute

PUBLICLY FREE:  Here is a short clip that defines the difference between a mindfulness Facilitator and a Teacher.

6th Annual Mindful Leadership Summit, by Mindful Leader 

Nov 14-17, 2019 in Washington DC - The world's largest in-person workplace mindfulness conference!

I'm grateful to have spoken:

1) In the Thought Leader category on "Mindfulness-Informed Change Management"

2) Workshop "Mindfulness Facilitation: Best Practices for Workplace Mindfulness Implementation

Mindful Leader - Wendy Quan speaker
Mindful Leader.png

Popular FREE Resources

Research Paper:  "Dealing with Change Mindfulness Meditation Study"


See the amazing results from The Calm Monkey's research study that helped people through difficult change.

Combining change management techniques with mindfulness meditation.

Dealing with Change Mindfulness Meditation study

Winning White Paper:  "Meditation - a Powerful Change Management Tool"


Winning paper of the 2015 Association of Change Management Professionals conference.


Case study of how Wendy Quan achieved peak participation and high resiliency at Pacific Blue Cross by integrating change management with meditation.

Meditation - a Powerful Change Management Tool

How to start a meeting with a mindful minute (very popular!)


Learn how you can do this on your own, with a script and recording too.

Starting a meeting mindfully

TEDx 5 minute event opener

You can play this at your meetings or events as a short mindful opener.

Free Resource
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