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Meditation Sittings (online)

September 2021 Update:

At this time, I'm not planning to run any virtual sessions in the near future.

I'm happily busy serving others through speaking engagements, training mindfulness facilitators and various collaborations. 

Thank you for your interest, and I hope the replays below are of benefit to you.

In case I do restart virtual public sittings, you are welcome to add your name to my notification list:

Featured Replay & Results

from June 11 Sitting:   

'A Journey to Your Purposeful Action'

The intention of this session was to help participants gain clarity on what might be their personal, private & ethical Purposeful Action at this time of the anti-racism movement.


The sharing in this session was emotional and meaningful. Thank you to all who attended.  This was conducted differently than my typical sittings - there is more personal sharing then usual.


This replay is available below for anyone wishing to partake of their own accord.  Participants appearing in this video have provided permission to retain their sharing in this replay.



To be clear, what is offered are mindfulness and meditation techniques with the intention to settle the mind and gain clarity on what actions may be right for you. 

There is no intention to steer participants into any specific action. 

By using this resource, you are waiving any and all claims against Wendy Quan, The Calm Monkey, and any participating facilitators for any personal injury, damage or expenses you may suffer.

This is not meant as professional or medical advice.

Mindfulness facilitators from my facilitator community joined me and provided some offerings and insights of their own during the session.

Results collected from the session:

Session results:  clarity of Purposeful Action before and after session

Here's the replay:

Wendy Quan - virtual sessios


with questions.

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About the meditation sittings:

Amidst the current times we are all facing with COVID-19, I am holding my meditation sittings online at no charge to offer practice to everyone, anywhere in the world.

Conducted through Zoom, the experience is best from a desktop computer or laptop.

  • You do not have to be on camera or speak if you don't want to!  You are welcome to simply watch and listen, if desired.  By default, participants will be muted.

  • During a question & answer time, if you want to speak, you are welcome to unmute to speak, or simply type into the Chat box. 


Don't worry, if you've never attended a session online, I'll step you through it, it's not difficult. I've taught over 3,000 people how to meditate and over 430 mindfulness meditation facilitators.   :)

Replays of past sittings:

These sessions can be a regular part of your toolbox.


April 25, 2020 - 'Being with Unease'

It's not easy to let go of the Unease we may feel about COVID-19.

This session shows mindfulness practices and a meditation to help manage this feeling of Unease.

Attendee comments:


This doesn't just relax me, this gives me tools that help me manage through all of this!   ~T.

The ‘Being with Unease session’ was very beneficial to help me through a particularly rough patch. Your voice was very calm and soothing. Each of the 4 experiences had value for putting me more at ease. The Replay is now an important part of my tool box.  ~K.

It’s amazing how unaware we can be of

your bodies reaction to our emotions until we stop and check in.  By the end of the meditation all the tightness in my chest and throat disappeared and a calmness surfaced.    ~L.

Wendy, thank you so much for the session, it was truly a life saver.  It was a very emotional day in the office since they sent us all to work from home.    ~H. 

Thank you for leading a wonderfully calming and insightful meditation. Learning mindfulness practices has been helpful in these times.    ~C.

March 16, 2020 - 'Dealing with the fear of COVID-19'

This session was dedicated to using mindfulness and meditation to deal with the fear and uncertainty of COVID-19. A self-compassion practice was led by Karen Anzai, a certified facilitator of The Calm Monkey.

Disclaimer:  If you choose to partake in or watch these sessions, please know that mindfulness and meditation practices may not be appropriate for everyone.  By participating, you are agreeing to waive any and all claims against Wendy Quan or The Calm Monkey for any personal injury, damage or consequence you may suffer.

These practices are not a substitute for professional treatment that one may need.

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