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How to compare mindfulness facilitator training programs

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

If you are considering training to become a mindfulness meditation facilitator and learning how to bring mindfulness practices to the workplace or community, it certainly can be confusing to compare programs.

The best one for you is one that fits your style of learning, provides you with the outcomes you seek, fits your budget and just feels right. I hope this might help bring clarity for you!

Here are some key considerations when you are evaluating which program may be best suited to you . . .

Here's what's unique about The Calm Monkey's program - does this resonate with you? This program is the pioneer in the workplace mindfulness field - with credibility, quality and longevity.

  • Launched in 2014, this program was the first in the world to offer workplace facilitator training and certification and a robust program for evidence-based workplace implementation.

  • Some other programs may appear similar to The Calm Monkey's program because many have been modelled after this program. Many related programs look to this program as best-in-class.

  • This program created and run by Wendy Quan has earned Wendy the distinction of being at the top small percentage in the workplace mindfulness field, being deemed as 'a person with extraordinary capability'.

  • It has been taught at The Greater Good Science Center's workplace mindfulness conference of UC Berkeley.

  • Over 425 facilitators worldwide have been trained, and this program has served many types and sizes of organizations such as Google and the U.S. National Park Service.

  • Recognized for her expertise, Wendy Quan was recruited to develop & film a course which releases on October 7, 2022 by The Great Courses, Wondrium and This is entitled 'Mindfulness in the Workplace'.

Experienced meditators learn to:

  1. Implement workplace mindfulness - gain support, startup and grow a respected grassroots mindfulness practice.

  2. Skillfully facilitate mindfulness meditation sessions - with today's best practices.

Most other programs do not teach the implementation piece, or keep up with the latest important issues such as A.I. & mindfulness, trauma and neurodiversity.

It's super flexible with no rigid cohort schedule. It is great for busy people as you have up to six months to complete the program at your own pace, and you can finish it sooner if you wish, as long as you meet the requirements for course completion, assignments and demonstrate competency.

You’ll be part of a wonderful facilitator community through small practice groups called ‘Practice Sandboxes’, an online community Slack group and live group meetings. Facilitators have the opportunity to be 'Lead Inspirators' to develop and run with ideas that benefit the community. Experienced meditators learn to implement workplace mindfulness and skillfully facilitate sessions. Many of our students are already facilitating when they register, yet they learn so much through this program and love our community of facilitators.

Evidence-based, secular, workplace friendly, trauma and neurodiversity-sensitive. Mindfulness and meditation can mean many different things to many people. This program teaches only evidence-based practices, largely based on the well-known Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. Even though there are many wonderful practices and traditions in existence, because this program is geared towards the workplace, everything is evidence-based, secular (non-spiritual, non-religious), workplace-friendly, and teaches sensitivity to people who may have experienced trauma and neurodiversity. That being said, facilitators certainly may also be leading practices in non-workplace settings (such as special interest groups, communities, friends and family, etc), so this program ensures the clear understanding of 'pure' mindfulness but does not police what facilitators do.

Support from and access to Wendy Quan. Many are surprised and delighted about Wendy's responsiveness and care that goes into the program and community. Wendy demonstrates commitment to supporting facilitators in their compassionate work to help others. You won't 'feel like a number' when you join our program.

The program fee is lower than other comparable programs.

To sum up what our alumni says: 'I didn't know what I didn't know. I learned about things I've never thought of and gained valuable resources. The community and Wendy Quan are amazing. This is exactly what I was looking for.'

If you are wondering if there is a global independent professional organization that accredits such training, that is a very good question! At this time, workplace mindfulness does not have such an organization that has successfully reached such a status. The Calm Monkey's program is seen as best-in-class and other programs have been modelled after it.

You are invited to learn more about The Calm Monkey's

You can take a Free Preview of the program to get a very good feel of what you will learn, read the FAQ, see the Application Form and even request a discovery meeting with Wendy Quan.

Please start here:

This needs to be a good fit both ways :)

Whatever program you may choose, thank you for your compassionate desire to help others!

Questions are welcome at


~Wendy Quan, Founder, The Calm Monkey


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